Hanover-with-Brunswick Episcopal Parish
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We hope you are encouraged by what you see on our website and will plan to join us for Sunday worship and/or mid-week events. Your presence will add to our community.

 Hanover-with-Brunswick is an historic parish. We are proud of our roots and our heritage. However, we are also excited about the church family that we are today as we look forward to discerning God's will for us in the future.

 Our mission statement is:
We believe in God and His enduring love for us as shown through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord. We believe our mission as a Christian community is to share that love with our neighbors and each other through prayer, worship, fellowship, education, and service.

As you can see, our mission statement encourages us to support our members as well as our visitors, the community of King George County and the world beyond. We believe that by building community with one another, we will become empowered to live as Christ intended us to live - as beloved Children of God. You are most welcome here. Come join us as we grow in faith and action.

Our worship, our Christian Education program, our outreach projects and our fellowship events help to equip us for our mission. It is from this place of strength and encouragement that we move to care for others outside our doors.

You have honored us with your visit to this site. Please know that you are always welcome. If you are looking for a church home, please consider Hanover-with-Brunswick Episcopal Parish. Please feel free to call on me should you have questions or if you would like to learn more about our wonderful church home.



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